an effective way to achieve more and better results

Sales Coaching is one of the most effective ways of improving the performance of salespeople and salesteams.

Research shows that with, only, 3 hours individual coaching per month salespeople exceed their goals with an average of 7%, generating 25% more revenue and improving their average closing rate with 70% (CEB). According to the International Coach Federation, “the average company can expect a return of 7 times the initial investment in coaching”.

Sales Coaching should be a priority for every sales teammanager. But in reality this is often not the case. We help companies to effectively introduce Sales Coaching.

Our Sales Coaching program is designed to help the sales teamleader become a sales coach. We coach-the-coach. We teach the sales teamleader to become, and stay, a succesful sales coach.

To achieve this we have developed a structured program based on our Sales Coaching Framework. This framework consists of a variety of elements, all focused on introducing sales coaching and embed it in the daily routines of the sales teamleader.

Below you can see two examples. On the left an impression of the first steps in creating the Sales Coaching Framework: determine what we expect from salespeople, on three ‘skill’ levels. On the right an image of our Personal Development Plan: the basis for improvement.

The basis of our Sales Coaching program consists of 6 (individual), 2 hour,  coaching sessions. During these coaching sessions the sales teamleader will become familiar with the Sales Coaching Framework. Of course we also dedicate a considerable amount of time to analyse and discuss the sales teamleader’s personality. Two examples below. On the left side a self assessment form we use to evaluate to which extent the sales team leader sees himself as a topcoach. On the right side a self reflection form; this form is used to evaluate the sales teamleader’s coaching performance.

The return on investment is great. Sales Coaching ensures that you company reaches, and exceed,  the targets more often, it develops the average salesperson into a top salesperson (about 60% of all salespeople are in the ‘average’ category), it makes you salesteam more flexible (much more capable of adapting to changing circumstance), it builds a culture of trust and professonial feedback and it creates more loyal top salespeople (and managers), less unwanted turnover.

Do you want to know more about our Sales Coaching Framework? Please contact us.

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