Preparing the Sales meeting

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” (Benjamin Franklin).

In each conversation with a customer, the Salesperson has an opportunity to make the difference. Each exchange can increase the chance of success. Many of these opportunities are not used to the full, however.

It is of course difficult to give an unequivocal reason why this is the case, since communication between people is affected by so many factors. Nevertheless, research and experience clearly show that there is one step in the Sales process that is of major importance, namely preparation.

Preparing the Sales meeting is crucial. Proper preparation is much more than just looking up an address and a name. It includes a thorough analysis of your (potential) customer and the formulation of a plan. What does the customer do? Who is the customer? What is the customer’s market like? What contacts do I have? Where are the opportunities? What will I ask? What will I be asked?

The most important question is “Why do I want this customer?” If you cannot clearly state why, do not go. Draw up a plan first.

In this training course, we teach Salespeople how to formulate an action plan in a structured way and at the level of the customer. We use existing customer cases to do so. This action plan is the foundation for every subsequent step in the Sales process. It is also an important element in Sales coaching.

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EditorPreparing the Sales meeting