Prospecting and Networking - Online & Offline

finding, binding and developing customers

Finding, binding, and developing customers is the core business of each Salesperson. We refer to it as prospecting, acquisition, or business development. We even make a distinction between “hunters” and “farmers,” a distinction that is often used by Salespeople and managers as an excuse: “I’m not a ‘hunter type’” is something that we hear all too often.

Despite the fact that everyone recognizes the importance of the core business referred to, practice shows that only around 50% of all Salespeople actually engage in it.

Time and again, the subject of prospecting and networking proves to be a major challenge for many Salespeople. In this training course, we show that finding, retaining, and developing new customers can to a large extent be learned. Like all steps in the Sales process, it requires discipline and a structured approach.

The training course deals in depth with how to select interesting prospects, how to approach them, and how to secure their sustained interest in your products or services. In addition, we consider the many possibilities available to you to network both online and offline. In this context, we also deal with the subject of presenting oneself to the outside world in the most effective way.

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EditorProspecting and Networking – On & Offline