Selecting and Qualifying the right customer

The business of Sales is often carried out by casting the widest possible net. This means visiting many customers and hoping that a few of them say “Yes.” This approach can hardly be described as a strategy or a plan. Every good Sales process includes selecting and qualifying the right customers. In other words, it is about being a discerning and highly skilled marksman.

In this training course, we help Salespeople to improve their selection and qualification skills on the basis of Sales potential and, above all, on the basis of characteristics that ensure sustained and manageable customer relationships.

We ensure that Salespeople will be able to unequivocally define and recognize the characteristics of a “good” customer and maintain a helicopter view of the best opportunities in a disciplined and methodical way. The results are higher conversion rates, more time to develop new opportunities, a reduction of the time spent on less promising customers, and, in some cases, a parting of ways with customers.

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EditorSelecting and Qualifying the right customer