The internal customer

cooperate with support, service, marketing, purchasing and all other stakeholders

Sales is always all about the customers. Nevertheless, Salespeople must also cooperate with other groups, since there is much more to the process than simply selling a product or service. A product must also be delivered, for instance, and sometimes problems have to be resolved. In addition, a good service program must be put in place. Salespeople also need to focus on the Internal Customer.

Although these are not in fact primary Sales duties, in practice, Salespeople spend a great deal of time on these after-Sales activities, voluntarily or otherwise. This is often the case because the Salesperson is, and usually remains, the customer’s point of contact. The Salesperson is therefore often the one who has to answer any questions that a customer has and find solutions to any problems reported. In this sense, it can be said that many Salespeople are “pushed” into a service role in spite of the fact that there is usually general agreement within an organization that others should be fulfilling this role.

This training course/workshop focuses mainly on the role of the Salesperson as a “director” of the Sales process. Although he or she remains responsible for the process as a whole, he or she is not responsible for the implementation of all of its parts.

We look at the characteristics of effective cooperation and effective communication. In other words, it is not about throwing deals over the fence of the office Sales staff, it is above all about shaping a lean Sales process together.

Treat your colleagues like “internal customers.”

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