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A number of qualities are required to achieve lasting success in Sales. We make a distinction in this regard between qualities that can be learned and those that are more innate.

Innate qualities include natural talent, ambition, optimism, and the ability to empathize. In addition to being important to the Sales process itself, these qualities play a key role when we are helping individuals to achieve growth and improvement. The “problem,” however, is that these qualities cannot be taught as such. It is therefore important to identify them during recruitment and to remain aware of them in the context of advancement.

We transfer the qualities that can be learned in workshops and training courses. We are very aware of the skills that an individual requires to achieve and maintain success in Sales. We also know how a Sales team needs to be led. Moreover, we know what makes a Sales process successful.


Research shows that 80% of the knowledge transferred during a training course is forgotten within 30 days if that knowledge does not become an integral part of daily professional activities. To be effective, training must therefore be relevant to the day-to-day work of the course participants. Our training courses are therefore linked to the company’s strategy, its Sales process, and, above all, its daily professional activities.

Each training course consists of a small theory component. Its larger component includes examples, tips, dos and don’ts, role-playing exercises and team assignments. We also take the experience level of the course participants into account.

While our workshops are primarily about mindset, our training courses focus mainly on skill set. We unlock the unique qualities of individuals and enable them to become willing and able.


All workshops and training courses are tailored to the specific characteristics of your company and the market in which you operate.

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