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“Sales: it’s not about what you sell, it’s about why you sell it and why they buy it!”

Selling on LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media mistakes that sales people can make. So, stop blasting your company’s sales pitch on social, but instead increase your chances of making a meaningful connection. In a noisy world, it’s even more important people remember you and your business. J.W. ~

You need to forget about trying to “sell” your product or service and focus instead on why your prospect wants to buy.

“Earn the awareness, respect, & trust of those who buy, always.”

“Sales is all about people with a passion for sales”

Most likely you will agree with me that the world of sales has changed. We have to accept that sales methodologies change—that’s a constant. Remarkably, there is a fundamental thing that has happened which is that buying has changed. It is your customers who power the sales process these days, they are just fundamentally better informed and more empowered. It is the sales persons job to meet their customers on their journey and propel them and work with them towards a final sale.

And that is where Human Selling comes in. The human element is more essential than ever. Sales is still all about people, and being human is so simple, helping others without anything in return is the most satisfaction that anyone can have.

The condition required for this is getting to understand what sales is really all about. It’s starts with seeing business-to-business selling as an inherently social and human phenomenon. It’s always uniquely created and determined by and in the relationship itself. It can never solely be established by looking at the price or quality of the sales offering.

Honesty, you really don’t want the prospect to be reminded that he or she is dealing with a “salesperson”, do you? So, Walk the talk! People do business with People. The value of a memorable first impression and the one on one interaction that follows is priceless. It’s all about people, process, and tools to realize a high-powered sales business development, to improve the buyer’s business.

So remember:

“You’re a human being offering a particular product or service with a strong focus on research into consumer habits, and the art of conversation.”


“If you can’t make a lady laugh, you certainly can’t make her buy.” David Ogilvy 

Using this knowledge to your own advantage and that of your customer will give you a head start on becoming an outstanding salesperson.

“Sales is all about making the Strong Emotional Connection”

Self-awareness, imagination and conscience are inherently related to each other. It is the ability to make decisions and choices and to act in accordance with them. This also applies in the use of social media, in particular, in the use of LinkedIn.

Social media has changed the sales landscape. Therefore the sales person has to be more knowledgeable, perhaps, then they were in the past. As we all know, using social media as a business tool is no longer optional. LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. With over 380 million members worldwide, it is one of the most popular social networks in terms of active users.

The website focuses on business connections and industry contacts for employers and working professionals, allowing companies to present themselves through online pages and for users to find job listings and to enhance their connectedness in their area of expertise.

Especially if you’re in the B2B sphere, LinkedIn is still one of the most valuable prospecting tools that your sales people should be using.

Great sales people surround themselves online and offline with supportive people and hold them close. They seek out positive people to help them stay motivated to keep doing what it takes to succeed. They use multiple paths to succeed on this platform by open doors – create opportunities start brand building – publishing content and build solid relations for lasting success.


“The key to lasting success is all about making the Strong Emotional Connection.”


“The real value of selling lies in building solid relations for lasting success”

Be valuable to those interested in your field. Use every opportunity to enrich relationships with your customers before, during, and after they have done business with you. Join – Involve – Share – Interact – Discuss – Learn – Benefit – and Engage.

Find out for yourself how these qualities below can empower salespeople to influence buying decisions, and can help you Build Solid Relations for Lasting Success.

Be valuable to those interested in your field. Don’t blast your company’s sales pitch on social, be mindful of your actions. Delivery of the message is just as important as the content of the message. – “C’est le ton qui fait la musique.” – but instead increase your chances of making a meaningful connection.


“Always use the opportunity to enrich relationships with your customers before, during, and after they have done business with you, and keep in mind that Customer Engagement Drives Revenue.”


Join for Building Relationships among other professionals- to Keep Up with Industry Trends- for personal SEO and Brand Management – Business Intelligence, and so on.

In fact it doesn’t matter when we keep in mind that the value of LinkedIn will depend on the purpose which it’s to be used for.

You never know whether or not something works when you haven’t tried, so work out some good ways to gain a return on your investment.


“Whatever you do – Keep the value of reciprocity, it all starts with giving.”



Involve and realize that a social network is as much of a place as it is an activity.

Share when you’re convinced that “There is no joy in possession without sharing.” Erasmus~

Understanding which content sources your target audience engages with is the best reason of all for your readers to share your content, because they simply love it. Therefore:


“Re-sharing engaging content should definitely be part of your Sales Execution Strategy.”



Interact with the purpose to create a great customer experience. Give them the ability to put their trust in you, and into your company – so you will be able to solve their problem.

Every action has an equal reaction. It’s important to keep in mind that trust is essential to forming and maintaining healthy relationships. It’s the ability to be receptive to the actions of others.

Discuss in a positive and open-minded way.

Great discussions start with positive thoughts and positive intentions. ‘Treat it as an act of human kindness to help one another, and to impact the lives of others, because everything we do matters.”

Learn Powerful learning can occur anywhere, it empowers change and make people move in the same direction.

Learning is an active process, one has to learn to learn, without practical effort no progress will be made. Just keep learning by finding new things to do, or new ways to do the old things. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind.

Try to apply these rules at every opportunity, and don’t fall into the trap that, because you’ve finished your formal education, it doesn’t mean that your education is over.

If you want to become successful in business and life, you need to adopt a mindset of lifelong learning. Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. Anthony J. D’Angelo ~


“Keep in mind that’s important to listen to our teachers, but we should get involved to truly learn.”



Benefit derived from grateful experience encourages “paying it forward.”

Benefits are most valuable when obtained by helping others. It always requires a call to action. Feelings of compassion, benevolence and kindness leave less room for negative emotions so all parties will contribute to maintaining a mutually beneficial dynamic.

Benefiting by contributing through performing acts of kindness will elevate your mood and will ultimately make you more optimistic and positive – add significant value to your community – strengthen your reputation, and inspire people to make greater contributions as well, so we can all benefit.

Engage “The soul of any social network is engagement.”

Engagement is all about improving lives – win friends – influence people – and making life more rewarding. It’s about touched nerves and filled human needs. It’s a deep, driving desire of a vigorous determination to increase your ability to truly care about one another, opening yourself up to a deep level of emotional contentedness.

Be prepared – by having a Clearly structured strategic plan.

Every great sales person knows that having a clearly structured strategic plan can be a powerful force, and is critical in any process.

It must be clear, concise and simple to match the strengths of your business to available opportunities. By doing so, one will come closer to implementing lasting improvements.

Make a Strong Emotional Connection – by building solid relations for lasting success!

Willingness and good chemistry are the most frequently cited ingredients for a successful relationship.


“Great Sales People add Value by Developing Relationships as a Key part of the Sales Process.”





Especially in this noisy world it’s time to make a difference and it’s even more important that people will remember you and your business. So, sales people really need to step up and to be much more consultative, collaborative and advisory.

Together we must avoid that LinkedIn turns into a sales platform that becomes unattractive for potential clients. Use LinkedIn to its full potential by helping your reps connect with their prospects, establishing trust through leadership and expanding their brand.

In my opinion you have to start with Social selling right away. It is one of the most effective selling strategies that your sales team should be using to increase sales.

Find out how these tools can help Build Solid Relations for Lasting Success far more than direct selling on social media. Speak up and show the value you can bring to this great platform, by empowering salespeople to influence buying decisions.


“The best salespeople don’t just build relationships with their customers, they challenge them!”


#Together we can make a big difference. 

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Sales: ‘It’s all about People with a Passion for Sales!’

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Kitty SchepermanTogether we can become Linked-in
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